Multi-sided Simulation Platform made in Europe

cloud access and administration platform

European Multi sided Platform

The secure European multi-sided platform supports

  • commercial cloud resources, like Amazon & CloudSigma
  • private and public clouds based on Open Source Cloud Middleware such as OpenStack & Open Nebula
  • HPC centers for example CINECA, HLRS, ROME
Software/Technology Provider

The platform enables you to

  • merge new distribution channels & business models
    • increase target audience
    • remuneration system - create additional revenue
  • provide your software as SaaS
    • on your own homepage and/or the cloudSME AppCenter
  • use a variety of cloud integration methods (e.g. API)
  • fast-track deployment of your software
  • have access to convenient scalable resources
  • customized easy-to-use software platform for your customers
Infrastructure & Resource Provider

The mulit-sided platform is connected to more than 15 different computing resources in Europe.

Connect your computing & storage resources to the cloudSME platform and discover a new distribution channel for your resources.

By merging a new market, you can...

  • increase your market reach
  • enhance your target audience
  • create additional revenue

As an End-user, you have...

  • flexible access to  innovative simulation software solutions
    • software as a service (SaaS) model providing sovereignty
    • without pre-investments / buying software licenses or hardware
    • fast calculation trough the connected resources
  • innovative capacity and cut costs by saving time & resources
  • fully concentrate on your business tasks