CloudBroker Platform

self-service, on-demand, rock-solid
IaaS and PaaS

Our multi-cloud platform unites secure dedicated management and operation of high demanding cloud native software in various (cloud-) infrastructures. Execute software at it's best performance. Create secure and reliable high-level services.

Data Center Partner Network

Avoid vendor lock-in. Our platform is connected to various infrastructure providers, for example CloudSigma, Azure, Open Cloud and can be further expanded and functions as central hub to access computing resources of various providers on demand.

Compute with high speed

Operate and manage software trough the platform, extend its capabilities with on demand activated cloud- & HPC-computing resources and discover your new distribution channel. Bring your service on the next level. Deploy it. Launch it anywhere.

Self-service, on-demand

Use applications on demand, deploy and distribute software is integrated on the platform, images can be executed, deposited in the software catalogue and directly offered to potential clients, including pre-configured instances (or clusters) to deliver the software at it's best performance.

Hosted in Germany.

We equip you with a solid base to work with secure cloud solutions and this is our top priority. Our vendor neutral platform technology creates the base to set up fully GDPR compliant software services and infrastructures to meet high security and software requirements. Organisation & user management, allows administrators of organisations to provision user accounts, manage infrastructures, software licences, instances and images. Build up on this, the automated consumption tracker collects every item of software licence fees and infrastructure resource consumption to provide monthly issued invoices, accurate to the cent.



Vendor neutral.

For us, it's very important that the platform is open for users, infrastructure providers and software providers. The huge potential is open for everyone, to leaverage the power of cloud and increase sustainability and cut expenses for on premise software operations. Please, bare in mind: To avoid violations and misuse the initial entry of a platform account is secured, the access must be confirmed by our one of our team members. Payment information are not required to register on the platform.

No fees or taxes for account registration, pay only what you consume.

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