DIGITbrain – a digital brain for companies

DIGITbrain H2020 project for the direct support of SMEs with the "Digital Twin" technology

several experimental places will be awarded by open tender

Over the next three and a half years, Duisburg-based cloudSME will be active as a consortium partner in the DIGITbrain project. The innovation action is coordinated by PNO Consultants and is funded within the European framework under the funding number 952071 by the research and innovation program Horizon 2020, from July 1, 2020.

Overview how the Digital Brain will influence industrial products

Digital Brain within the lifecycle of an industrial product

Completely new concept

The "Digital Brain" is a completely new concept that extends the Digital Twin to fully cover the life cycle of industrial products and facilitates the configuration and orchestration of components related to an instance of an industrial product. DIGITbrain aims to enable small and medium-sized European manufacturing companies to benefit from AI-based manufacturing as a service (MaaS).

What is a Digital Twin?

"Digital twins" are virtual reproductions of physical devices that data scientists and IT professionals can use to run simulations before the actual devices are built and deployed. They also change the way IoT, AI and analytics can be optimized and used more efficiently.

The goal of DIGITbrain

The aim of the project is to develop the "digital brain" that supports manufacturing companies with data and related AI-based optimization algorithms to create a whole new level of personalized and optimized manufacturing. The digital brain will collect and store data about production lines/machines used in factories throughout their entire life cycle. With all this information used by artificial intelligence (AI) and data analysis applications, users will be able to customize and set up these machines whenever necessary for specific manufacturing tasks. This will enable a new digital manufacturing model called "Manufacturing as a Service" (MaaS) that supports the cost-effective manufacture of on-demand products.

Correlation of manufacturing provider, operator and consumer

Illustration of interplay behind Manufacturing as a Service

Independent of individual providers

The Cloud Architects equip DIGITbrain with the CloudBroker platform as a testbed, superior to individual cloud providers. In contrast to software simulators, testbeds are implemented on real hardware that is subject to the physical influences of its environment. The integrated open-source cloud orchestrator and autoscaler "MiCADOscale" simplifies the complex implementation of applications, as implementations and runtime orchestrations of applications within the testbed environment can be automated.

emgora - the secure digital marketplace for Europe

The digital marketplace "emgora" and the emgora experts enable the manufacturing industry to seamlessly access highly innovative applications and digital twins securely and use them for their own production. Cloud-/HPC-based modeling and simulation simplifies the optimization of products and processes many times over and has a significant impact on manufacturing costs.

Illustration of the CloudiFacturing Solution

emgora is currently being developed in the advanced CloudiFacturing project and offers a community area, an area for demonstration of software solutions and a direct interface for direct execution of tested services. At a later stage, the "Digital Brain" will be added and the results will be consolidated on several H2020 projects, so that MaaS will be available to every manufacturing company.