Offer and Consume - Community driven B2B ecosystem for manufacturing SMEs, software provider and consultants.


Provide instant executable software, pick a cloud, your terms of use and receive monthly income reports on your new sales channel.


Set up an online training course and teach how to effectively use your solution and keep frustration low.


Show off your skills, set up ad-hoc* and self-assessed consulting services with different phases and tasks.


Efficient, structured, and optimized way to find challenges to solve and partner to grow!

emGORA workspace Logo


emGORA workspace Logo

Through ews, research projects can extend their own reach, provide their results, software tools and experiences to inform target groups and the general public. By providing directly usable project services (or whole service packages), projects can improve their positioning in the EU landscape, interact more with external parties and receive additional feedback on their research area/activities.

By publishing on ews, the software tool becomes visible to everyone on the internet, but only registered members can access it. Projects can decide individually whether they want to make services available to users free of charge and cover the costs incurred themselves, or whether the costs incurred (due to provisioning, computing power, etc.) mean that there is a cost to the user.

Service packages can be individually designed by our members. These packages consist of individual ews services, such as software tools, training courses, consulting services and, if applicable, articles and discussion groups.

Serve your clients with a new experience of testing software and technologies

The B2B environment makes your work life a little easier, for you, it is a toolbox full of useful tools and services to optimize products and processes together with your clients. emGORA workspace is for you, change of mindset, and rethink how you deliver your services to your clients. Besides online training environments, and software services, also ad-hoc consulting as well as self-assessment services can be presented.


Make a name for yourself, connect with other DIHs, and stand out

We are dedicated to working together with European and national DIHs to support the digitisation of manufacturing SMEs and strengthen the competitiveness of solution providers and support pan-European matchmaking. You as a DIH can easily book user packages, that provide you with a number of additional ready-to-use user accounts for your clients within your organisational account. Set up a solution, customise it for your client, and let your client instantly access the solution and directly show your client how they could improve their processes, services, and products with a certain technology.

Do not worry about huge investments or where to find the right expert

It is all here - emGORA workspace is growth and production-focused B2B environment for and to support manufacturing SMEs to become more competitive and successful.  The environment provides access to innovative software (Open Source and proprietary), infrastructures, and computing power with technology experts and supporters, like software providers, trainers, and consultants.


Benefit by the Easy Use of New Technologies

As workspace members, manufacturers and engineers can instantly access software licences* for Data Analytics, Simulations, Modelling, and other technologies (offered by a diverse set of workspace providers) to execute it on the go. All outputs will be stored for 4 weeks, afterwards, these data sets and outputs are permanently destroyed. Software services are offered in the app area of the marketplace, and licenced software services are stored in a personal dashboard until you are ready to execute them.

Make your solution available to the world

How are you selling your software? Do you already offer SaaS solutions, or do you plan to but didn't manage until now? What about the user management and security of the infrastructure as well as data? Whether you already have a running SaaS or not, you won't regret offering it on emGORA workspace. The B2b ready-to-use ecosystem serves you as a software provider from execution to monitoring, user management, accounting as well as data security and privacy. All aspects are taken care of, so you can focus on your software solution and do not have to deal with monitoring and accounting.

Offering additional materials & supporting the uptake of your software!

Workspace providers can offer, additionally to software, also online training, and consulting services as well as proposing solutions in the matchmaking area.


License software & execute it on the go




Only pay for what you license
Various software tools licensed with two clicks
Get involved and discover the match making, discussion forums, use cases
free B2B account

Offer and promote software solutions and beyond




Create apps in the marketplace
Complete your offer with a suitable training
... and specialised advice for users
Increase your reach in Europe


Everything that has to do with the provision, monitoring and availability; making your life a bit easier.


The registration of new entrants to our ecosystem is rigorously monitored and accompanied. Validation by the operator is mandatory!


Design inspired by Security. Securely shielded infrastructure and data flow directions are clearly specified.


We monitor your consumption and at the end of the month, you will receive the consumption report of your organisation.


A single contract with workspace operator, no further contracts with data centres, other service providers, or third parties.

Finding Top Experts, Innovative Solutions and Prospects for the Future

Development, Deployment, Design and Prototyping to Production and Provision, we cover it all.


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about the partners and technology by the CloudiFacturing project [Testimonials by CloudiFacturing experiment partners]

"With the CloudiFacturing technology made a huge step in the direction of our goal to shorten the time to provide customer-specific samples from several weeks to five days. We are impressed."

Ralf de la Haye

Head of Development Industrial Applications, Hanning Elektro Werke

"In our field, it is no simple task to find a partner who is not only a top expert in a given field but also able to take initiative in finding innovative solutions. It is only in more challenging situations when cooperation with real professionals is genuinely appreciated. CloudiFacturing project has certainly been the right choice",

Ondřej Tůma

Managing Director, FERRAM STROJÍRNA s.r.o.

"The CloudiFacturing technology has allowed us to optimize the manufacturing process of our solar hybrid panels, with a reduction of time and costs that is reflected in the panel profitability. Highly recommended."

Isabel Guedea

Chief Executive Officer, EndeF Engineering


Software Services


Digital Innovation Hubs



€ 20 Million

Invested in technology

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START DATE 01-07-2013
END DATE 31-12-2015

Cloud based Simulation platform for Manufacturing and Engineering


START DATE 01-07-2013
END DATE 31-12-2016

Computational Cloud Services and Workflows for Agile Engineering


START DATE 01-10-2017
END DATE 31-03-2021

Cloudification of Production Engineering for Predictive Digital Manufacturing


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