EOSC-DIH Collaboration

We have started a collaboration with EOSC-DIH to support each other in undertaking dissemination of business opportunities and uptaking new business pilots.

The collaboration targets, for example:

  1. Introduction of the MiCADO framework in the EOSC Marketplace, to support automated scalability of a large variety of applications
  2. EOSC DIH could support  the visibility from an operational point of view (not technical support /integration support)
  3. CloudSME could provide information about the DIH services to research collaborators, like Cloudifacturing and COLA project and their stakeholders.
  4. In general, to explore the full potential of collaborations between the parties to promote the visibility of them in both research and commercial markets and to participate in H2020 proposals.

The detailed collaboration agreement can be found in the Information Management System of EGI/EOSC here.

The EOSC Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) is a mechanism for private companies to collaborate with public sector institutions in order to access technical services, research data, and human capital.

What is a European DIH?

Since April 2016, a pan-European network of DIHs was established to bridge the current divide, the EU proposed Digital Innovation Hubs as a key priority in the Digitising European Industry Initiative. Digital innovation hubs ( DIH ) can help ensure that every company, small or large, high-tech or not, can grasp the digital opportunities.

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