Journal Paper – cloudSME simulation platform

FGCS pusblished article on cloudSME platform & its functionalities

The journal Future Generation Computer Systems (FGCS) just published the article


"The CloudSME simulation platform and its applications: A generic multi-cloud platform for developing and executing commercial cloud-based simulations"


it is written by scientific experts - most of them are members of the cloudSME advisory board and former project members.


The journal article is focusing on how the CloudSME Simulation Platform can be used to create commercial multi-cloud-based simulation applications using a combination of technologies including the WS-PGRADE/gUSE gateway framework, the CloudBroker Platform and the CloudSME AppCenter.

The work presented in this paper was supported by the following projects: EU FP7 CloudSME project (Project no. 608886), EU H2020 COLA project (Project no. 731574), and EU H2020 CloudiFacturing project (Project no. 768892).