CloudiFacturing – First Review Meeting in Brussels successful

The First Cloudifacturing Review Meeting took place in Brussels last week, on the 21st., 22nd. and 23rd. of November.

All our experiment partners, as well as the Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) were cited and presented their achievements and results. The CloudiFacturing Platform, Services, and the Digital Marketplace were presented to a group of panelists from the European Commission.

On the 23rd of November, Andreas Ocklenburg presented the Dissemination, Impact and Commercialization part of the project. Along with Sebastián Peña from clesgo GmbH, Marco Dal Lago from SUPSI and Stefano Allero from STAM, they were able to show the panelists their presentation with each of their contributions.

After the successful presentations from the whole team, the Panellists had a discussion that lasted almost one hour. Afterwards, they gave their considerations and results to the people involved in CloudiFacturing.

It was a real team spirit which all the people experienced in these three days. We want to congratulate everyone for their contributions! Let us go for more accomplishments!