How to Automate Deployment and Orchestration of Application Cluster – Webinar

Register today for the MiCADO webinar and meet up with MiCADO's developers! Get insights about MiCADO, how to develop cloud native applications and  discover industrial demonstrator hands-on session. The webinar will be organised via WebEx and takes approximate up to 1 hour.

The meeting room will opened at 9:30am on the 26th of September 2019. Click on the button "Bring me to the meeting" to directly enter the Webex meeting area.

MiCADO is a modular framework aiming to auto-scale and orchestrate application cluster at the level of application without changing the applications code, it allows to accommodate high peak loads while also optimising resource consumption by auto-scaling at the levels of virtual machines and Kubernetes deployments.

Webinar Agenda:


  1. MiCADO special unique features
  2. cloud-native app development
  3. Industrial Demonstrators (hands-on session)

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Components utilised in the MiCADO framework:

  • Docker Engine
  • Kubernetes
  • Occopus
    (to scale VMs)
  • Prometheus
    (for monitoring)
  • COLA in-house developed Policy Keeper
    (to perform decision on scaling)
  • Submitter
    (to provide submission endpoint)