MiCADO framework

Auto-scaling Framework for Containers orchestrated by Kubernetes

Infrastructure as Code

The Open-source framework is based on K8s and dedicated to automate configuration, coordination, and management of Docker containers and its run-time in various cloud environments. It is able to simulataneously monitor multiple parameters to auto-scale microservices to ensure the idle status of your applications.


Arrangement, coordination and management of complex computer systems, middleware and services within your computing environment. Orchestration in the cloud is key to ensure automated spin-up activities like auto-scaling take place in the right order.


Traditionally time-intensive, manual processes become more efficient and reliable with MiCADO. The framework can dynamically deploy applications to public and private cloud environments*, manage cloud computing workloads and auto-scale microservices on demand.

GDPR compliance

Security and Scalability are key drivers of the cloud. The open-source modular framework, can be extended and tweaked according to application-requirements, and supports sustainable development and deployment of GDPR compliant applications in the cloud.

The right tool for your environment

Automation and Orchestration help to ramp-down IT costs and ramp-up productivity in your public or private cloud environments. At this point in time, the MiCADO framework supports the CloudBroker Platform, OpenNebula, OpenStack, OpenCloud by HKN and ScaleUp, AWS, MS Azure and CloudSigma.

Accommodate high peak loads.

Auto-scaling with MiCADO takes place at two levels, at virtual machine level, dynamic extension or reduction of the built-in K8s cluster, and at Kubernetes level, increasing and decreasing replicas that are tied to specific Kubernetes deployments.

Developed by Project COLA - Horizon 2020

The MiCADO framework development was funded under Grant Agreement No. 731574. Within the COLA project (from January 2017 to September 2019), COLA developed three industrial demostrator solutions, like Social Media Analytics Service, Evacuation Planning Service and a Audience Analytics solution.

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