NAFEMS DACH regional event Wiesbaden

The German-speaking NAFEMS Regional Conference offers a unique, independent, neutral, and comprehensive information service in the field of numerical simulation...
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Finished. Project COLA presents MiCADO v0.8.0

In the past decades, requirements of software systems have changed significantly. Scalability, automation and sustainability now strongly influence the profitability...
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How to Automate Deployment and Orchestration of Application Cluster – Webinar

Register today for the MiCADO webinar and meet up with MiCADO's developers! Get insights about MiCADO, how to develop cloud...
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February 2020

Optimizing Business Processes with Cloud Native Application Autoscaling

MiCADO - open source-based auto scaling framework, based on Kubernetes (K8) that supports cloud application developers and data centres when developing, deploying and operating scalable cloud applications. MiCADO provides highly customizable and programmable scaling policies at various (virtual machine and container) levels... ...
17 Feb
15:00 - 16:00

MWC Barcelona

World’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry, and incorporates a ...
24 Feb - 27 Feb
08:00 - 18:00
March 2020


SEE THE FUTURE IN 20/20 1 Festival, more than 7000 Participants, ...
16 Mar - 19 Mar
08:00 - 18:00
Europa-Park-Straße 2, 77977 Rust
April 2020
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