OpenFOAM® and CalculiX®

Optimization of large size models by DHCAE

Using OpenFOAM® and CalculiX®

Multi-purpose CFD/FEA environment

  • OpenFOAM® and CalculiX in the daily workflow significantly simplified
  • entry barrier to technologies is reduced
  • immediately available simulation environment on-demand
  • source code allows specific adaptations
  • convenient job control and solution monitoring (runGui)
  • potential to reduce costs and resource consumption
  • necessity of large hardware capacities is eliminated
  • additional resources are immediately available when needed
About DHCAE Tools

DHCAE Tools provides a graphical user interface (GUI) based modelling environment for the open source solvers OpenFOAM® and CalculiX.

DHCAE Tools will support SMEs to overcome limited local hardware resources and to significantly reduce costs by using the cloud for their fluid flow problems and structural applications.

This will result in a cost-effective usage of simulation ressources:
The solving does not require software licenses, and the hardware in the cloud can be used on-demand and assigned directly to projects without fixed costs. For the optimization process of rotor blades, a large number of CFD simulations and structure analyses is necessary to cover a large range of parameters.

In the need of higher computational resources, the user can move the job onto the HPC simulation platform by cloudSME for a solving in the cloud.