Project CloudiFacturing

Innovation Action "CloudiFacturing"

Cloudification of Production Engineering for Predictive Digital Manufacturing

The mission of CloudiFacturing

To optimize production processes and producibility using Cloud/HPC-based modelling and simulation, leveraging online factory data and advanced data analytics, thus contributing to the competitiveness and resource efficiency of manufacturing SMEs, ultimately fostering the vision of Factories 4.0 and the circular economy.

To pursue this mission, computationally demanding production engineering and simulation as well as data analytics tools are to be provided as Cloud services to ease accessibility and make their use more affordable.

CloudiFacturing is a project, which is open to new teams of participants. With our Open Calls, we are looking for / seeking innovative use cases in the context of the project’s mission.

The First Open Call 2018 already started on the 1st. July and will close on the 30th September.

Second Open Call will start on July 2019.


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