Project “COLA”

H2020 Innovation Action "Project COLA"

Cloud Orchestration at the Level of Application

The main objective of COLA

To provide a reference implementation of a generic and pluggable framework that supports the optimal and secure deployment and run-time orchestration of cloud applications. Cloud-based services emerge rapidly. Additional value for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as for public sector organizations is also on the increase.


Hidden champion SaaS

Nowadays, SMEs can have access to SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) on demand, instead of investing heavily into hardware and software with additional maintenance costs, that meet their needs effectively and cost efficiently. On the one hand cloud computing is affordable but on the other, due to the limited flexibility at the level of applications and security concerns, the demand for SaaS is only moderately increasing.

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RT @ViolaRoberto A like #ArtificialIntelligence B like #Blockchain C like #Cybersecurity With @DSMeu we have created a đŸ€–digital alphabet. From A to Z, all the letters are related to technologies & aspects crucial for our #DigitalEU. Discover more ▶

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