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Become a use case partner in an Innovation Action environment – CloudiFacturing is open to new teams of participants (3rd parties). We would like to draw your attention to our upcoming Call / Request for Proposals to initiate the creative process of generating ideas for Application Experiments. ! Application Experiments are dedicated sub-projects with one-year duration that are executed within the scope of CloudiFacturing. !

Autoscaling framework for Kubernetes Deployments in the Cloud MiCADOscale 0.7.2 has been officially released! It is available through our¬†GitHub repository &¬†documentation service, to configure and deploy MiCADO accordingly to your needs. MiCADOscale 0.7.2 …is an auto-scaling framework for Docker containers, orchestrated by Kubernetes. It supports autoscaling at two levels. At Read more…

The Alpha-Test phase is over, now is your turn to test MiCADOscale! Take the opportunity and support us with sharing your opinion in the development of MiCADOscale to make the best out of it!