Cookie Policy


A cookie is a small file that contains data about internet-settings. Almost every website uses this technology. Cookies will be downloaded & stored in your browser on your first visit of a website. On your next visit of the website with the same device, the cookie and the corresponding data it contains will be sent back to the website that created the cookie (First Party Cookie). There are also cookies, that will be sent to other websites, that the cookies do originate from (Third Party Cookies). This way, a website recognizes, that the website has been visited with this browser and device in the past.

Depending on their functionality, cookies could be split into four categories:

Necessary cookies (Needed for the website to function correctly)

Performance cookies

Functional cookies

marketing purposes cookies

Necessary cookies:

Necessary cookies are needed for the website, to grand the overall function of the using purpose. Without the use of these cookies, a website is not able to perform its given task. These cookies will only be used by cloudSME to provide their service to people. These cookies will be categorized as so-called "Session-cookies". A session-cookie will only be valid for one browsing-session on our website. Once you leave our website, the cookie will no longer be needed and destroyed. Consent free cookies can not be deactivated. You can delete these type of cookies at any time in your browser.


All our consenting cookies:

Cookie name:

Cerber Security

Data stored:

A randomly generated number.

When does it expire?:



Cerber Security related Cookies do use the prefix "alpha_". Usually, the plugin generates between 2 to 6 cookies. These cookies are used to identify malicious activities on the website.

Consenting cookies:

Cookies that do not match the definition (mentioned above), and are not needed to use our website and services will be called "consent cookies". These cookies are mostly "Third-Party cookies" and are provided and processed by external companies. An example of this type of cookie is the "Google Analytics Cookie", that is used to track the geolocation of a website-user for further processing and service improvement.

Google Analytics:

If you prefer to opt-out from Google Analytics, please use this link.

If you want to opt-in to Google Analytics again, please use this link.

Cookie name:




Data stored:

_ga is used to identify reoccuring users on a website.

_gid stores and updates a unique value for each page visited.

_gat is used to throttle the request rate.

When does it expire?:

2 years

1 day

1 minute

Usage of cookies at

Like most websites you visit, also uses cookies, to provide a better user experience and service to its customers. Cookies will be downloaded directly from our website (First Party Cookie) or be set from external providers (Third Party Cookies). These third-party companies set cookies in your browser, when you are logged-in to their websites and visit ours. The cloudSME UG has no influence on the cookie settings of these websites. Please visit the Website of the corresponding third-party company for further information about their usage of cookies.

Management and deletion of cookies;

We are providing so-called "Opt-Out functions" for all consenting cookies we are using. You can also block or delete cookies, by adjusting your browser settings accordingly. To manage your cookies, most browsers allow you to accept or decline all cookies or allow just certain types of cookies. Detailed information about the management of internally stored cookies in your browser can be found in the integrated help section of your browser.