We believe one solution does not fit all, that's why we are starting with your requirements and adapt the technologies as desired and needed. Our technologies give you the freedom to enjoy secure and customized Cloud solutions and to offer it to your partners.

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Cloud Broker Platform

Technology made to support you.

Our cornerstone technology is trusted by European Research Projects and consistently upgraded in cooperation with institutes and universities. The Cloud Broker Platform is our foundation to develop individual infrastructure solutions, like Cloud Portals and platforms, customized software and cross-supplier solutions.

Clouds / InfrastructuresCloud AdapterCloud Broker PlatformOrchestraion & ManagementAcess Clouds & Container Images

The Cloud Broker Platform is highly adaptable and suited for high demanding simulations and critical operations. Pick a software you want to execute, choose your favoured Cloud provider and launch instances as needed - if you don't need them any more, just shut them down with a simple click!

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Cloud Portal

Your Personal Cloud environment.

Building upon the Cloud Broker technology, the Cloud Portal performs as an abstraction layer with the same capabilities and simplified operations and management of instances and cluster, computing, user account management, including customizable users access rights, statements of costs and settlement of accounts.

User/Software Management Software & Flavors / User Access Cloud Portal InstanceSelf Hosting oder ext. hostedCloud Broker PlattformHosted in GermanyCloud Portal AdministrationCluster, VM, InfrastructuresCloud Portal LoginAccess Software & Cluster

The Cloud Portal is adaptable and allows white-labelling to harmonize according to the look and feel of your business, product or service. Cloud Portals can be self-hosted or hosted by a third-party hosting provider. A small Linux server is basically sufficient to operate a Cloud Portal instance.

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Deployment, Orchestration, Scaling.

MiCADOscale simplifies the autonomous infrastructure and application deployment in cloud environments. The auto-scaling framework is finely tuned for Docker containers, orchestrated by Kubernetes, and the capabilities to set individual parameters to create an own set of autonomous scaling rules. Ensuring the secured, resource-optimized and efficient operation and management of infrastructures as well as its applications.

The open-source MiCADO framework was developed by the European Innovation Action "Project COLA", main developing contributors of MiCADO are the University of Westminster (UK) and the MTA STZAKI  (HU). The sophisticated composition of the framework components allows to

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What about the right tools to equip your team?

We love to work on projects and support external teams with our technology and knowledge! The ongoing creation of proposals and applications for research actions as well as the design and development of solutions that have not been there is our daily business.


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