VM-, Container- and Cloud Orchestration as one Service

MiCADOscale is a TOSCA-based orchestration and auto-scaling framework for Docker, orchestrated by Kubernetes, facing the cloud resource orchestration’s issues in the multi-cloud landscape. Core services of MiCADOscale are Kubernetes, Docker Engine, Terraform, Prometheus and Policy Keeper.

Cloud Resource Orchestration Framework

MiCADOscale simplifies the resource orchestration in seven different cloud environments and automates the deployment process. Workloads and data of applications can be easily moved between private and public clouds.


Service Agnostic Auto-scaling Framework

The monitoring and scaling of Kubernetes Cluster and Virtual Machines are fully automated, during operations additional workers are instantiated on-demand and join the Kubernetes Cluster.


Self-controlled Rules and Policies

Regardless of whether you want to set a fixed execution time or tackle CPU bottlenecks. MiCADOscale gives you the power over the scaling policies for both, VM and Kubernetes scaling levels.

Developed in the COLA Project - Horizon 2020

The development of the MiCADO framework was funded under the COLA project under Framework Agreement No 731574. From January 2017 to September 2019, the COLA (Cloud Orchestration at the Level of Application) project developed three industrial demonstrators. These included a social media analytics service, a planning service for evacuation scenarios, and an audience analysis tool.


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Committed to MiCADOscale

As one of the former project partners, we made the commitment to further support MiCADOscale with marketing, sales and other development activities. Next to this, we support your team with all sizes and individual configurations of MiCADOscale or Kubernetes clusters or simply the right amount of support for you devs by our experienced MiCADOscale developers.

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