Managed Services

Fully-managed solutions

We support you where you want it and deliver tailored solutions that not only make your daily life easier and increase your efficiency; they also support your growth and process-driven goals. So, why don't you outsource the responsibility for your IT services and enjoy our managed services? Availability of services and security vulnerabilities of applications, its Docker containers and infrastructures are no longer your topics!

production support and maintenance


Data backup and recovery

Systems management

Network monitoring, management and security

Cloud transformation

Data storage, warehouse and management

Reduce costs, increase productivity and expert knowledge on demand

By relying on a Managed Service, occurring costs are fixed and in general paid on a monthly or annual basis. Another cost factor is hiring, training and coordination of the in-house IT team and is fully eliminated by the outsourcing of maintenance. The monthly leasing contract gives you access to similar technologies and expertise without investing a lot of money. And the rule of thumb: Grow, and Managed Services will grow.

We offer you more support and technology when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use Managed Services to save money?

Yes, it makes your IT expenses predictable and extreme fluctuations can be excluded. If you outsource the daily IT "basic routine", you have more time to focus on the strategic direction and management of your business. Your Managed Services Provider will take care of maintenance, upgrades and planning, and you'll have time to implement change across the enterprise.

Do I need to modify the approved processes that I have built up through the years?

No, in most cases, you don't have to change approved processes - but in some cases, it may happen that we advise making minor changes in processes to create the best performance possible.