CloudBroker Platform

Single account to access various cloud provider

The CloudBroker platform for untroubled management and operation of VM, cluster and software, "on click deployment" in different clouds and widely automates processes, like billing of software licence and compute consumption costs, initializing virtual machines, software images and roll-out of created infrastructures - hosted in Germany.

We protect your identity and privacy

The user management is fully integrated on the CloudBroker Platform and protected against connected Cloud Resource Providers. In other words, they do not know which of our platform user accounts is consuming cloud or HPC resources at a certain moment of time. Organization and User account(s) group one or more users and provide specific roles as well as permissions.

It's OK to be compute-intensive

Well suited for compute-intensive tasks at low costs - deploy your software and simply operate software or customized flavours as scalable services without any concessions. Start now. Provide your software image on CBP (tip: check the documentation), set the licence costs, terms of use and your SaaS is ready to use.

In accordance with GDPR and compliance regulations

The CloudBroker platform is a middleware and establishes direct secured connections between users, applications and the utilized dedicated compute capacities of a chosen data centre. The platform ensures the GDPR-compliance, encrypted transfer of data as well as the accounting of the resources consumed and the user management of an organization.

We don't own cloud or HPC resources. Instead, we work with different IT and Cloud providers and integrated the infrastructure monitoring and management fully on the CloudBroker Platform and its user account identities are actively protected against connected Cloud Resource Providers.


We value your privacy and protect your identity. This means, if you compute on our platform, we take care of the provider, and he charges us the costs for the utilized infrastructure. You simply chose the most suitable billing model (pay-per-use, monthly payment, PayPal) and receive CloudBroker Platform invoices including a transparent statement of costs.

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