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emGORA workspace makes the manufacturer's needs and providers' capabilities tangible. The multi-cloud environment is made for technology experts and users to safely collaborate and explore advanced manufacturing tools before investing. Boost innovation on demand through the power of simulation, modelling, data analytics, and more!

Digital Twins For Manufacturing SMEs

DIGITbrain will provide manufacturing companies with easy access to Digital Twins, which they can use to streamline the manufacturing process, make predictions about expected machine failures and predict maintenance needs. The "digital product brain" stores data over the entire life cycle of a production line or machine., it becomes possible to adapt, set up, and dynamically monitor machines/production lines as needed for very specific manufacturing tasks.

The DIGITbrain project builds on previous successes and is deeply rooted in the innovation ecosystem of the I4MS project CloudiFacturing and the industrial platforms FIWARE and IDS.

Collaboration, Orchestration and Automation

Empower your team to do a great job.

BROKER Platform

Multi-Cloud Platform

High Speed Simulation Analytics and on-click instances & cluster



Auto-scaling Framework for Docker orchestrated by Kubernetes

emGORA workspace

Multi-cloud infrastructures to market services of different companies.

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