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Why cloudSME ?

We provide transparent advice and support driven by sustainable relationships with European innovators and companies that focus on solving specific business problems. Off-the-shelve solutions, dynamic infrastructures, software development and other solutions of stunning European innovators. Get some extra power and back your team with our network of science and industries experts from Europe.

This EU Project aims to optimize production processes and producibility, leveraging online factory data & advanced data analytics and thus will contribute to the competitiveness and resource efficiency of manufacturing SMEs and the vision of Industry 4.0 & the circular economy. A major outcome will be the CloudiFacturing Digital Marketplace.

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DIGITbrain is an EU innovation program, aiming to give SMEs easy access to digital twins. Therefore, it will build on CloudiFacturing Technology, providing a standards-based platform for manufacturing. cloudSME, being the future operator of the CloudiFacturing Digital Marketplace, will support the project.

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News and Updates

MiCADOscale v0.9.1

MiCADOscale is a TOSCA-based orchestration and auto-scaling framework for Docker, orchestrated by Kubernetes, facing the cloud resource orchestration’s issues in the multi-cloud Read more…

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