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EOSC DIH and cloudSME Collaboration Utilizing EGI Infrastructure

Collaborations between research institutions, commercial partners, and digital innovation hubs, like the EOSC DIH, are instrumental in driving innovation and advancing cloud technologies. EOSC DIH and cloudSME have joined forces to explore the potential of MiCADO (also called MiCADO-scale), a robust cloud orchestration framework. MiCADO is a generic execution and auto-scaling framework for OCI containers orchestrated by Kubernetes, offering dynamic scaling at the virtual machine and container levels, and supporting TOSCA-based Application Description Templates for deployment and management.

While MiCADO was initially developed in the COLA project (funded under GA Nr. 731574), it is now powered by the University of Westminster, with cloudSME serving as the commercial partner and managed service provider (MSP). This article focuses on the collaboration between EOSC DIH and cloudSME, specifically highlighting the use of EGI infrastructure and the advancements achieved in MiCADO’s edge capabilities through the DIGITbrain project.


EOSC DIH Collaboration Overview

EOSC DIH and cloudSME have collaborated to leverage the capabilities of MiCADO and enable scalable cloud solutions. Originally developed in the COLA project, MiCADO is an innovative cloud orchestration framework designed to automate the deployment, scaling, management, and monitoring of microservices. The University of Westminster now drives the technological development of MiCADO, while cloudSME serves as the commercial partner and MSP (Managed Service Provider).



MiCADO Demonstrator and EGI Infrastructure

As part of the collaboration, EOSC DIH and cloudSME have leveraged the EGI infrastructure to demonstrate the capabilities of MiCADO. The MiCADO demonstrator showcased the deployment, scaling, and management of microservices on the EGI platform. Through the use of EGI resources, valuable insights were gained, demonstrating the feasibility and potential of MiCADO on external cloud infrastructures.

🇪🇺 The MiCADO demonstrator was co-funded by the EOSC Future project under the European Union Horizon Programme call INFRAEOSC-03-2020 – Project ID 101017536.


Collaborative Innovation and Future Perspectives:

The collaboration between EOSC DIH and cloudSME highlights the power of collaborative innovation in driving technological advancements. By leveraging the EGI infrastructure, the collaboration demonstrated the effectiveness of MiCADO in real-world scenarios. Furthermore, the development of MiCADO Edge in the DIGITbrain project expands the potential of MiCADO into edge computing, enabling the deployment of microservices in these distributed environments.


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Advancements in MiCADO Edge through DIGITbrain:

In the DIGITbrain project, the University of Westminster, building upon MiCADO’s foundation, has achieved significant advancements by developing a new feature called MiCADO Edge. This feature focuses on deploying microservices on edge computing nodes, extending MiCADO’s capabilities into edge environments. MiCADO Edge enables seamless orchestration and management of microservices across the cloud-to-edge continuum, addressing the challenges unique to distributed architectures.

🇪🇺 The DIGITbrain project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 952071.


Centre of Parallel Computing Exemplifies the Importance of Collaborative Initiatives

Looking ahead, the Centre of Parallel Computing at the University of Westminster is spearheading the development of MiCADO and driving its evolution into new frontiers. With their expertise and dedication, they are continuously enhancing MiCADO’s features to meet the demands of scalability, reliability, and optimal resource management. The collaboration between commercial partners, like cloudSME, and the Centre of Parallel Computing, exemplifies the importance of collaborative initiatives in shaping the future of cloud technologies. By working in research consortia together, they are delivering innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of the industry and propel MiCADO towards new horizons.



The collaboration between EOSC DIH and cloudSME in advancing MiCADO on EGI infrastructure showcases the power of collaborative innovation. The MiCADO demonstrator utilizing EGI resources demonstrates the feasibility and potential of MiCADO in real-world cloud environments. The development of MiCADO Edge through the DIGITbrain project further expands MiCADO’s capabilities into edge computing, enabling seamless orchestration of microservices across diverse architectures. This collaboration exemplifies the dedication to driving technological advancements and delivering scalable cloud solutions.


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