CloudSME is an European project (FP7) with the main goal of bringing SMEs closer to cloud computing.

CloudSME project will establish a Cloud Simulation Platform, which enables particularly small and medium-sized manufacturing and engineering companies (SMEs), to use state of the art simulation technology as a Service (SaaS, one-stop-shop, pay-per-use) in the cloud. Thus, they don’t have to make high investments in software licenses, required hardware or maintenance and can solely use the benefits of simulation to enhance their productivity. If you are a manufacturing or engineering company or a software vendor (SME), interested in CloudSME project, stay in contact and register for our newsletter!

Why Simulation?

Developing a new business idea or investing in new technologies and methods poses a huge challenge to companies. To simulate a process or a system, or to design a model with simulation software means to pre-test its behavior, so that it matches the real system. Simulation thus will avoid bad investments, enabling you to detect weaknesses and failures in your workflows or in your products in advance. Watch the Video below, to get more information on simulation and the possibilities, the CloudSME platform holds for you!


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27th February 2015
Manufacturing with Vision. A Cloud for Tool Making

Cutting Tools Ltd. (CTOOLS) is a traditional company that had not used simulation before and with its participation in CloudSME it would like to investigate the possibilities of Cloud-based simulation services, offering the potential of affordable simulation providing a vision for manufacturing process management and planning.

27th February 2015
Successful meeting in London

During late January, a 3-days meeting took place in the University of Westminster with the new beneficiaries of the Open Call.

14th January 2015
CloudSME internal project meeting

Current and the new partners who have been found in the Open Call will meet for the first time in London to start the negotiations . The new use cases to be implemented on the platform will be introduced and the course for the following year will be set. The meeting will take place at University of Westminster (309 Regent Street London W1B 2HW)