CloudiFacturing Code Camp

Last week, from the 12th to the 14th of June, the second Code Camp took place in Valencia, at the Innsomnia's Headquarters. Quite a few meetings were held among all the team members of the CloudiFacturing Project. Like always, it was a very productive gathering with an enthusiastic crowd. Below we present you a summary of this three warm days.

On the first day, the experiment partners presented their current status of each one's experiments, as well as the parts that still need to put in force. After the presentation, discussions were held about this and the technical background.

On the 2nd. Day, the experiment partners were consulted by the technical team: SZTAKI, Sintef, Fraunhofer, University of Westminster and Scaletools. This in order to have an idea in the progress and developments in this area. Parallel, the experiment's end-user stories were refined, reviewed and recreated. These stories were planned in the background by the technical team, so they could bring them to the Marketplace.


On this day, Innsomnia invited for breakfast to people who were interested in the project and the CEO, Mr Francisco Estevan, gave a welcome speech and explained the use of the funds. Later on, André Stark shared the most important points of CloudiFacturing to the public. Interviews were given to different Spanish media.

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The last and 3rd. Day the last touches for the Open Call preparation were discussed, as well as a lunch hosted by Innsomnia. For the lunch, Innsomnia invited the whole team to spend leisure hours together and share the impressions. As always, they were fantastic guests.

For closure, the wrap up was made by André Stork from Fraunhofer.

We want to thank Innsomnia for all their attentions and for being such good guests! See you soon! Hasta la próxima!

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