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Our co-founder & CEO, Andreas Ocklenburg, took the chance to discuss the issues and struggles of European start-ups - running a cross border start-up sounds easier than it is due to the national regulations that needed to be followed.

One of the first hurdles is the founding process, e.g. cloudSME shareholder ship consists out of 6 different nations and the founding process was time-consuming and expensive - every document needed to be acknowledged by the notary, afterwards translated and then acknowledged again. This is only one of the issues European Startups need to deal with - in order to lower the barriers of European startups, Andreas made a follow up with Catalin Ticheru, Programme Assistant "Start-ups and Innovation" from the European Commission.

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The Digital Assembly 2018 is a forum for stakeholders to debate, take stock, and look ahead at how Europe and its partners around the world are preparing for the main digital policy challenges of the future. The Assembly will also present an opportunity for dialogue on how to reap the benefits for citizens and businesses in a rapidly changing world.

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