MiCADOscale v0.9.1

MiCADOscale is a TOSCA-based orchestration and auto-scaling framework for Docker, orchestrated by Kubernetes, facing the cloud resource orchestration’s issues in the multi-cloud landscape. Core services of MiCADOscale are Kubernetes, Docker Engine, Terraform, Prometheus... Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is supported by Terraform in MiCADOscale.

Major enhancements in MiCADOscale v0.9.1

  • provisioning virtual machines in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is now supported by Terraform;
  • updated MiCADOscales Submitter RESTful API to v2.0 (functionality of the previous API version has been preserved) and
  • adds support for the latest Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.


Fixes in v0.9.1

  • Bug which prevented MiCADOscale from distributing application secrets (Kubernetes Secret Distribution via ADT Policies)


Known Issues & Deprecations

  •  Support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS deprecated and focus on supporting the current long-term support releases of Ubuntu: 18.04 and 20.04


Check out the latest revision of MiCADOscale! Detailed information on the latest revision can be found in our documentation on Read the Docs.

MiCADOscale or also known as MiCADO is developed by a stunning open source community and the components of the framework are provided on GitHub.