Nominated for ECN Award 2022

We are proud to inform you about this, cloudSME is nominated for the EuroCloud Native Award 2022 “Best Customer Project” with emGORA workspace! On October, 27th, all nominates will present their pitches on the 2.ECN Summit in Hamburg! 

This year at cloudSME, or more specifically, our team members have invested a lot of time and energy in our emGORA workspace to transform the results from various projects, like COLA, and CloudiFacturing (…), into an entrepreneurial framework that is and remains accessible to every company in the manufacturing sector.



More than 10 years ago we* had an idea, and more than a year ago we had a goal in mind to not only present a variety of solutions but also to make them tangible. Nowadays, we have reached the point where the first realistic business model and legal framework have been defined, of course, we still have a long way to go. Today we are in the final stages of the first customer project on emGORA workspace and are looking forward to sharing our experiences on it at the ECN Award 2022.



ECN Award 2022 in Hamburg

The ECN Award for the best customer project is looking for genuine cloud native projects in which an integrated system environment for the interlocked development and operation of modern applications prevails in order to scale them intelligently. The spectrum can be extensive and thus starts with conception and architecture design, continues with system integration, application development, and modernisation, and ends with managed services and training offers.



We are looking forward to presenting emGORA workspace and how we cooperated with Co-Versatile and how their solutions will help to elevate the adaptability and resilience of the manufacturing sector in crisis-related times.


Co-Versatile Solutions on emGORA workspace

We integrated Co-Versatile Solutions into the app marketplace and made them available for exploitation. This means, anyone who is interested, can register on emGORA workspace (no user fee), and after activation, apps can be licensed via in-marketplace purchases (buy licences). At any time, a user likes to start an app licence, MiCADO triggers the roll-out of the desired service and any related highly scalable infrastructure.

Where pan-European collaboration takes place

emGORA workspace brings together key perspectives on digital transformation and addresses challenges, problems, and solutions with a holistic approach that focuses on the diversity of solutions in the market, rather than just one cloud or solution provider. In the future, anyone looking for a service provider or technology expert, like manufacturers, consultants, and system integrators should be served with a transparent glossary of companies as well as services representing the capacities in the European Digital Single Market (DSM).


Community-driven Ecosystem

*Whom do we mean by using “we” in the context of emGORA workspace?
ews is a joint action of different institutions, SMEs, and companies. Composed technologies are achievements of different consortia* in the past 10 years – and even today we are jointly working on future visions for manufacturing and establishing sustainable paths to facilitate transitions from research into the economy. [*project consortia received funding from the European Commission under different Grant Agreements.]


The self-service multi-cloud marketplace for smarter manufacturing is serving…

… Technology providers and experts (ISVs)

  • B2B Marketplace to sell on-demand Software licences, training courses, and consultancy projects
  • Fast Access to Multiple Cloud resources
  • Set of Execution Engines, like a lightweight K8s deployment with MiCADO
  • Comprehensive positioning of the company and its capabilities

… Manufactures & Engineers

  • Growing B2B network and open marketplace
  • Low-level access to innovative solutions
  • Direct contact with solution providers
  • Matchmaking & Fair Play Ecosystem

… Consultants & System Integrators

  • Leverage services when you need them
  • Extend your knowledge by leveraging other experts
  • Discover Funding opportunities to facilitate your projects
  • Position as an expert in the European landscape


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