Euro Cloud Native Award Winner

cloudSME honoured with Euro Cloud Native Award

The Cloud Native Initiative of EuroCloud Germany hosted the second Euro Cloud Native Summit at the stunning facilities of Deepshore GmbH in Hamburg, Germany, from participant speed dating, insights into the ISG Pulse Check 2022, as well as exciting pitches in 5 different ECN Award categories and a breathtaking cocktail show by Görkem Harp // 4FLAIR, it was all there! cloudSME and Co-Versatile prevailed in the category “Best Customer Project (cloudnative + cloudnative)”.


2nd ECN Summit Impressions: Emma Wehrwein (Jury “Female Empowerment”, eco), Dr. Nils Kaufmann (ECN), Janina Ecker (inovex GmbH), Linda Brunner (inovex GmbH), Felix Höger (EuroCloud)


Up to 3 nominees competed in each of the five categories, all received applications were evaluated beforehand by the ECN Award Jury or the Award Patrons of the respective category. A total of five awards were presented in the categories Female Empowerment, Sustainability, Best Client Project, Best Cooperation Project & Member of the Year. All ECN Award winners are listed here (LinkedIn post by EuroCloud Germany).


Euro Cloud Native Award “Best Customer Project” goes to Co-Versatile & cloudSME

ECN Award Verleihung Bestes Kundenprojekt - Auf dem Foto zusehen sind: Oliver Germann - kreuzwerker, Dr. Nils Kaufmann - ECN, cloudflight, Liza Ocklenburg - cloudSME, Felix Höger, Heiko Henkes - ISG
Award ceremony category “Best Customer Project” Oliver Gehrmann (kreuzwerker), Dr Nils Kaufmann, cloudflight, Liza Ocklenburg (cloudSME), Felix Höger (EuroCloud), Heiko Henkes (Jury, ISG)

As we reported in our last article, we & Co-Versatile were nominated for the ECN Award “Best Client Project”. Last Thursday, Liza Ocklenburg presented our joint project with Co-Versatile at the 2nd ECN Summit and beat the other two nominees in the category.

After everyone had used the five minutes on stage, the audience present could vote for one of the three nominated client projects in the category “Best Client Project”.


Our cooperation with Co-Versatile


Logos Co-Versatile and emGORA workspace


CO-VERSATILE* aims to increase the adaptability, resilience and flexibility of the European manufacturing sector and help Europe improve its pandemic response capacity. The initiative was triggered by the acute Corona pandemic, where the manufacturing sector was forced to meet the sudden surge in demand for vital medical supplies and equipment. To achieve their goal, Co-Versatile has developed 4 different cloud-based services and reproducible simulation models for manufacturing and supply chains that represent the production of ventilators, masks, and disinfectant spray systems, in different pandemic-like situations. Learn more about Co-Versatile.


Screenshot der Co-Versatile Apps, die auf emGORA workspace veröffentlicht wurden
Co-Versatile Apps


Extensible multi-cloud platform with a public marketplace

After developing these services, Co-Versatile was faced with the challenge of finding a suitable cloud platform to publish the services on, where they could be deployed securely and cost-effectively. One of the requirements was that the platform should be easily adaptable to Co-Versatile’s technical needs, such as the integration of the Kubernetes tool MiCADO.


emGORA workspace ermöglicht Transaktionen und Interaktionen zwischen Technologieanbietern und produzierenden Unternehmen
emGORA workspace supports solution seekers and providers


emGORA workspace is an open B2B network for companies, technology providers & experts. As a digital ecosystem, it aims to democratize access to tools, consulting, and training offers from European technology experts & providers for the manufacturing sector. As an open and moderated marketplace with an extensible multi-cloud computing backend, emGORA workspace lent itself well to Co-Versatile. The multi-cloud infrastructure is built on open-source technologies such as Keycloak and Nexus, as well as proprietary software components such as the front-end provided by clesgo.


There are currently three execution engines in the ecosystem: 

  1. CloudBroker platform for instance-based execution of software (virtual machines)
  2. Flowbster, to provide workflow-oriented executions
  3. and MiCADO, a Kubernetes tool for scalable VM and container clusters.


emGORA workspace App Marketplace

Discover the apps on the marketplace.


Providing microservice-based software with MiCADO

In particular, the MiCADO execution engine, a Kubernetes package for VMs and Docker containers, lent itself to Co-Versatile’s Mirco service-based solutions. Each time a user launches the app, MiCADO rolls out the infrastructures and associated microservices as previously defined in the ADT/YAML file.


App Detail Ansicht auf dem App Marktplatz von emGORA workspace
Licensable DEMCON app on emGORA workspace


This gives Co-Versatile customers the freedom to license cloud native apps at any time on the emGORA workspace marketplace, launch them via ews and then use them via SSH/RDP, depending on the operating system, and enjoy on-demand infrastructure that scales as needed. As soon as the infrastructure is ready for use, the connection data is provided to the user on ews.


DEMCON App wurde auf emGORA workspace gestartet
Licensed DEMCON App & Infrastructure is initialised via MiCADO Execution Engine


For us, the guiding principles in the development and business orientation of the ecosystem are the European values of data security and sovereignty. This means that every user, whether provider or user, has complete control over their data and does not disclose it just because they license or use a service. The data transfers of emGORA workspace are organised in such a way that no critical data is processed via the platform; this takes place in the private, or previously launched infrastructures and outsourced databases.



The Euro Cloud Native Initiative

Thanks to the good organisation, relaxed moderation and entertaining insights into the development and work of the ECN initiative, the second ECN Summit provided the perfect framework for coming together and exchanging ideas. Besides the programme points and insights into exciting projects, there was a lot of discussion on how to tackle challenges together and how to strengthen the exchange of lessons learned as well as best practices. #diversity #empowerment #womenintech

2nd ECN Summit Impressions: Felix Höger (EuroCloud), Dr. Nils Kaufmann (ECN), Hubert Martens (ECN), Liza Ocklenburg (cloudSME UG), Heiko Henkes (Jury “Best Customer Project”, ISG)

We are very happy about the award and are grateful that this energetic initiative of the eco subsidiary association EuroCloud connects the cloud natives in Germany! The engines of the ECN initiative shape the community and actively drive the exchange of expertise and innovations forward.