Hightech Summit 2022

From 7.11. to 10.11.22, the Hightech Summit 2022 will take place in Baden-Württemberg. Liza from cloudSME was invited by eit Manufacturing as a panellist to the focus session “Cooperation or participation? How does collaboration with start-ups succeed in manufacturing?”.

Hightech Summit 2022: Fokus-Session „Kooperation oder Beteiligung? Wie gelingt die Zusammenarbeit mit Start-ups in der Produktion?“

The Hightech Summit 2022 will take place over three days at different locations. in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. On the first day, everything revolves around the focus session “Digital care – opportunities and potentials”, while the second day will take a closer look at how the cooperation of start-ups, SMEs, and larger companies can be shaped and what advantages cooperation and participation hold. The third day of the Hightech Summit 2022, on 10.11.22, will focus on the topic “Digitalisation creates the future – with new mentalities, technologies and business models” and the CyberOne Hightech Award will be presented by Minister Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut.

Day 2 of the Hightech Summit “Cooperation or participation? How does cooperation with start-ups succeed in production?”

Flexible innovation processes are elementary for maintaining the competitiveness of companies in the manufacturing sector. The event addresses the possibilities of developing digital solutions internally, cooperating with start-ups for external development, and participating in start-ups to gain know-how. How the approach can look, what challenges there are, and where the potential for success lies will be the focus of keynotes and discussions as well as the presentation of practical examples.

Introducing our new ecosystem: emGORA workspace. A digital ecosystem to strengthen the competitiveness of manufacturing companies. It is an open network with an integrated marketplace that aims to give more visibility to the diversity of solutions in the European economy and to foster collaboration between “previously unknown” companies.

emGORA workspace connects Manufacturers and Technology experts

Workspace to find, experience, and learn about innovative technologies

emGORA workspace is a public and at the same time personal workspace for companies. In order to increase one’s own reach, to offer one’s own apps, consultations & training on the emGORA workspace marketplace, the missing link is the registration on the platform and the verification as a provider.



It is a digital sales & engagement platform with multi-cloud computing resources that facilitates the marketing of digital services for the manufacturing sector. The ecosystem is designed to help the manufacturing sector increase their knowledge of specific technologies, such as simulations or process optimisation, and find the right solutions and experts more quickly.