TECH 4 HEALTH – Co-Versatile Event

On October, 11th, the 12th edition of the Zukuftsnavigator (navigator of future) “TECH 4 HEALTH – Co-Versatile” was presented by BadenCampus, eit Manufacturing, and Co-Versatile Project in Breisach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Liza Ocklenburg and Tamas Kiss, chair of the scientific advisory board of cloudSME, presented MiCADO and explained how the Kubernetes framework contributes to the app marketplace of emGORA workspace.

TECH 4 HEALTH at the Innovation platform “BadenCampus”

The matchmaking and demystification event builds on recent and former industry research and innovation initiatives to provide flexible responses and tackle innovative solutions for products and services around eHealth and eCare, as well as resilient supply chains. The event showcased innovations in Europe that lead to significant improvements in health and well-being, such as:

  • Disinfection spray systems
  • Software to support digital transformation
  • Innovative face masks and ventilators
  • New paradigm of eCare
  • Simulation and visualisation approaches for the production of health and care technologies, like the Digital Agora

What is Co-Versatile about?

Róbert Lovas presenting Co-Versatile Project at TECH 4 HEALTH
Róbert Lovas Ph.D., Deputy Director, Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems at SZTAKI

The Co-Versatile project researched and evaluated adaptive and resilient production methods and supply chain solutions for the urgent need for essential medical equipment. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Commission funded several consortia to address the urgent need for evidence-based, innovative, and rapid solutions to manage health and health-related emergencies, provide the best possible care to patients and protect frontline populations and health workers. Sebastian Pena Serna presented the “Digital Agora”, a cloud-based technology by clesgo, which is leveraged in different H2020 projects and also the front-end of emGORA workspace.

Next to Co-Versatile & its partners, the event speaker represented stunning start-ups, and multinational corporations, like Pfizer.

MiCADO & emGORA workspace at TECH 4 HEALTH

Together with Tamas Kiss, Professor of Distributed Computing & Director of the University Research Centre for Parallel Computing at the University of Westminster, we pitched MiCADO and emGORA workspace and how the B2B network and marketplace will contribute to simplifying IT solution search and testing for companies and improving their data sovereignty.

Manufacturers’ right to decide which ISV exactly the data will be passed on to allow users to discover how other producers use solutions on the market and find out about possible digitisation paths at their own pace. If questions and needs for support arise, the collective intelligence of the community can tackle them.

Good to know: If you want to follow science-based approaches in distributed and parallel computing, we can connect you with the team of Uni Westminster to provide you with support & advice on cloud-based services, highly scalable IT infrastructures, and advanced simulations. 

EIT Manufacturing [European Institute of Innovation & Technology]

The Innovation Community connects the leading players in manufacturing in Europe and represents a strong interdisciplinary community. Its objective is to add unique value to European products, processes, and services as well as to foster the creation of globally competitive and sustainable manufacturing. Discover the objectives EIT Manufacturing.

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TECH 4 HEALTH Impressions

Numerous speakers were present, unfortunately, some speakers could not be present in person and had to deliver remote pitches.