MiCADOscale v0.9.0

MiCADOscale is the auto-scaling framework for Docker containers, orchestrated by Kubernetes and its community just released the next version! MiCADOscale v0.9.0 comes along with improved node contextualization, credential handling (K8s Secrets) and a new orchestrator!

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Terraform was introduced as a new component of the MiCADO framework! At this point in time, MiCADO has Terraform Providers for Google CloudMicrosoft AzureOpenStack Nova and Amazon EC2, to connect with the infrastructures. The CloudSigma and CloudBroker cloud providers are supported by Occopus in the current release. In addition, Terraform and Occopus can also be used in parallel.


More information can be found on the official MiCADO website.

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